Minutes of Meetings

Vermilion County, Illinois

 Mental Health 708 Board

Executive Director:  Jim Russell


Community Needs Assessment Survey

Mental Health 708 Board - 43rd Annual Report

Jim Russell
Executive Director
phone: 443-3500

Jeri Nale
Administrative Assistant
phone: 443-3500

he duties and responsibilities of the Vermilion County Mental Health 708 Board subject to the Community Mental Health Act in addition to funding are to plan, review and evaluate community programs and facilities providing mental health, substance abuse and developmental disabilities services to the residents of Vermilion County. The Mental Health Board utilizes its' resources to stimulate the development and growth of needed services including preventative services, and to encourage and sustain effective and cost efficient service options to meet the behavioral health needs of our county residents. The 708 Board members volunteer their time and expertise to administer the provisions of the Community Mental Health Act, Illinois House Bill 708.

The Mental Health 708 Board allocates local tax revenues to five service providers within Vermilion County. These agencies provide a wide variety of mental health services to county residents in the areas of mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse.

Funded Agencies:


Developmental Disabilities

WorkSource President & CEO:
Frank Brunacci
Danville, IL
6 Member Voluntary
Board of Directors

Substance Abuse

Prairie Center Health Systems, Inc. Executive Director:
Bruce Suardini
 Danville, IL
15 Member Voluntary
Board of Directors

Mental Health

Crosspoint Human Services Executive Director:
Thom Pollock
Danville, IL
15 Member Voluntary
Board of Directors

Information & Referral Agency

Executive Director:
Marcie Sheridan
Hoopeston, IL
10 Member Voluntary
Board of Directors
Service Coordination Wraparound/Complex
Service Planning
Barbara Chatman
 Danville, IL

Board of Directors

Harsha Gurujal
Kay Smoot
Greg Lietz
Cheryl Rotramel

Linda Marron Christine Budnovich Keith Souza
Kolleen Asaad
Vermilion County Board Member
Cathy Jenkins