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Survival Rules


You can die in as little as 
THREE minutes without AIR.

You can die in as little as THREE hours from loss of body heat. SHELTER.

You can die in as little as THREE days without WATER.

You can die in as little as THREE weeks without FOOD.


How Soon should I report a missing person?

Report missing persons immediately to your local law enforcement agency. Each hour that passes puts the lost subject at a greater risk. Its easier to call off a search than to gain lost time. Also keep in mind that family and friends searching for the lost subject before you report the missing person may damage important evidence that law enforcement uses to find your loved one. Ask law enforcement if they want you to begin the initial search. We all have the same goal 
That others may live

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Volunteering Our Services So That Others May Live......

Vermilion County Search and Rescue is committed to the goal of providing prompt, professional assistance to locate missing persons of all ages who become disoriented, find themselves in an unfamiliar environment, and/or are unable to make their way back to familiar surroundings.

VC-SAR is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Law Enforcement Agencies, Department of Natural Resources, Park Districts, as well as other Search and Rescue Teams.


What VCSAR Provides......

When you are faced with a SAR case, your primary need will be for SAR trained resources. Vermilion County Search and Rescue can provide you with:

Search Manager(s)
SAR Management Overhead Team Rapid Response Team
Ground SAR Teams Hasty Searchers Critical Separation Searchers
Grid Searchers Evidence Search Tactical Trackers
Lost Person Trackers SAR Canine STSAR Team

Tactical Tracking Training

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How to Request VCSAR.........

VC-SAR is a division of the Danville/Vermilion County Emergency Management Agency and is on call 24 hours a day. VCSAR can be activated for immediate deployment at any time during a search.

Agencies can place VCSAR on stand-by status as a search progresses, or have the unit deployed immediately to a site.

Danville/Vermilion County
Emergency Management Agency
2 E. South Street
Danville, Illinois 61832


The 24 Hour Emergency Number forVCSAR is       (217)443-6010

The following information is helpful in determining the unit's response to a request:

  • Location of search.

  • Site of the search area (if different than above location).

  • Nature of search.

  • Terrain and weather conditions.

  • Number of days search has been in progress.



About Vermilion County Search and Rescue......

VC-SAR is a division of the Danville/Vermilion County Emergency Management Agency. We provide primary Search and Rescue capabilities to Vermilion County, as well as back up support for the entire state. VC-SAR is an all-volunteer unit that assists requesting Law Enforcement Agencies, Department of Natural Resources, Park Districts and other Search and Rescue Teams in locating missing persons. VC-SAR offers its services at no cost to the requesting agency.

VCSAR members are trained to locate, access, stabilize and transport a lost or missing person in a safe and efficient manner

Members are trained in Incident Command, land navigation, and search management, techniques and tactics, man tracking, clue awareness and hazardous terrain safety. The National Association for Search and Rescue training standards are the norm for all training in Vermilion County.


Membership Requirements.......

Volunteering for a search and rescue unit can be a rewarding experience, but it demands hard work, dedication, and a long-term commitment.

No experience is required, but a volunteer should be physically fit enjoy working outdoors and get along with a variety of people.

Membership is open to any resident or non-resident, 18 years of age or older, of Vermilion County, Illinois and all surrounding areas of Vermilion County, Illinois.

Any eligible citizen interested in joining this organization must make application to the VC-SAR membership. To make application, the following procedure must be followed without exception.

1.  The interested individual must be an active volunteer with the Danville/Vermilion County Emergency Management Agency.

2.   Must complete an application, which has been approved by the VC-SAR membership. Applications are available at all times in the main office of the Danville/Vermilion County Emergency Management Agency.


Recommended Publications ..........

Here are some recommended books and publications for those interested in learning more about Search and Rescue 

Management and Tactics

        Fundamentals of Search and Rescue

        Advanced Search and Rescue

        Managing the Lost Person Incident

        Fundamentals of Man-tracking

        Tracking: A Blueprint for Learning How

        Analysis of Lost Person Behavior

        Incident Command Field Handbook

        Map and Compass: the Orienteering Handbook

        Compass and Map Navigator

        Search and Rescue Medical Responder


Search Dog

        Expert Obedience Training for Dogs

        Search Dog Training

        On the Trail

        Scent and the Scenting Dog

        Variable Surface Tracking

        Practical Scent Dog Training

        Search and Rescue Dogs: Training Manual




        SAR Dog Alert


Other Excellent Links

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