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Vermilion County Clerk
Lynn Foster

6 North Vermilion Street
Courthouse Annex - 1st Floor
Danville, Illinois 61832

Greetings from
Lynn Foster, Vermilion County Clerk

Vital Records Inquiry E-Mail
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Lynn Foster
Vermilion County Clerk
Phone:  (217) 554-1900
Fax: (217) 554-1914

Tracy Turner
Chief Deputy
Phone: (217) 554-1910

William Cornell
County Board Liaison

Phone: (217) 554-1913
e-mail: ccrecords@vercounty.org

Machelle Long
Assistant Chief Deputy
Vital Records
Births / Deaths / Marriages

Phone: (217) 554-1903

Laura Kruger
Vital Records
Births / Deaths / Marriages

Phone: (217) 554-1902

Tammy Benson
Tax Extension Specialist
Phone: (217) 554-1907

Lindsay Light
Election Specialist
(Outside City of Danville)
Phone: (217) 554-1911

Jenny Marsh
Voter Registration Specialist
Phone: (217) 554-1915


Anna Sykes
Election Judge Coordinator
Phone: (217) 554-1908

e-mail: ccvoterreg@vercounty.org

Chris Shouse
Vital Records Assistant

Elections Assistant

Phone: (217) 554-1909

Greetings from

Lynn Foster, Vermilion County Clerk

Welcome to the County Clerk's web site! 

I am pleased to be able to offer this site to you as a convenient means of locating information on elections, voter registration, and obtaining birth and death records, marriage and civil union licenses and certificates.

It is the policy of our office to provide timely, accurate information to our constituents, and we sincerely hope this site will be a means to that end.

The County Clerk's office has four major functions:

1. Write and maintain County Board minutes and other county records.

2. Elections and voter registration.

3. Vital records, including birth, death, and marriage / civil union records.  Issue marriage licenses and civil union licenses.

4. Compute tax rates.  Handle redemption of delinquent taxes.

By law, the County Clerk also files the commissions for notaries public, and files assumed names for business,  campaign disclosure statements, and statements of economic interests.

The County Clerk's office has on file birth certificates dating from 1858 and death certificates from 1877. The clerk's office also has issued marriage licenses since the founding of the county in 1826.

The County Clerk also computes the tax rates of over 100 units of local government based on the amount of money requested by each government and the amount of the assessed value within the district. Tax rates are set by dividing the levy (taxes requested by the district) by the assessed valuation. (Rate = levy/assessed value). From these rates individual tax bills are prepared by the County Collector.

Thank you for visiting our site.  You are always welcome here or in our office.  We look forward to serving you.

Services provided by the Vermilion County Clerk's Office and associated fees.
Document or Service Fee
Certified copies of the following:  
Birth Record - First Copy $10.00
Birth Record - Additional copy of same record $4.00
Death Record - First copy $12.00
Death Record - Additional copy of same record $8.00
Marriage License / Civil Union License - First copy $10.00
Marriage License / Civil Union License - Additional copy of same record $4.00
Vital Records Protector $1.00
Additional Documents and Fees:  
Assumed Name Certificate of Intention / DBA Filing $5.00
Assumed Name Change Form $1.50
Assumed Name Cancellation Fee $1.50
Duplicate DBA Certificate $5.00
Marriage License / Civil Union Application $30.00
Re-Issuance of Unused Marriage License / Civil Union License $5.00
Certificate of Authority (Notaries) $2.00
Notary Service (per signature) $1.00
Notary Registration (in the office) $5.00
Notary Registration (by mail) $10.00
Economic Interest Late Filing Fee from $15.00
Copies (per page) $0.50
"Record Not Found" Statement $5.00
"True and Correct Copy" Statement
(including Ameren Certification)