Property Tax Information

If you need information on your property, you may contact the following tax Departments:

County Clerk                          (217) 554 1907         Rates, Tax Codes, Delinquent Property Tax Information
Recorder                                 (217) 554 6040         Deed Information
Supervisor of Assessments    (217) 554 1940         Exemption information, Address change, assessed values

Treasurer                                (217) 554 6080         Tax Bill information, Tax payment information

If you wish to purchase the property tax file or inquire on property taxes on-line:

Order Property Tax Information:

The Vermilion County Property Tax file information may be obtained by legitimate individuals seeking property tax information. 
This information is not to be used for re-sale or advertising.

If you wish to purchase property tax information, please complete the following form and mail to:

    Property Tax Request Form       Adobe Acrobat Form

            Technology Services Dept
         Attn: Karen Rudd
         6 N. Vermilion
         Danville, IL 61832

         -or- e-mail the Technology Services Dept at:

Property Tax File Cost:

                                         Property Tax File information may be purchased at .02 per record plus the cost of shipping.

                                              (Records can be created in the following formats: csv comma delimited, ascii fixed format, dbase or excel.)

                              Property Tax Reports Cost:

                                          Property Tax Report information may be purchased at .01 per record plus the cost of shipping.

Order Property Tax Information - Online Search:

Vermilion County, Illinois has an on-line property tax search that allows Appraisors, Assessors, etc. to view property tax records from our web site at:

The on-line property tax search program requires a user name and password that can be purchased for $75.00 (yearly subscription fee).

The inquiry program will allow individuals to search on property tract records by: tract number, owner name (Last Name, First Name Ex: Smith, John), mailing address, property address, legal description, previous owner or p.i.n. number.

The tax information on the web is updated each night, so the information is always current.

      How to Subscribe to Property Tax Information On-Line       Adobe Acrobat Form   

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